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Mark Baird in the Stodio at Buffalo BroadcastingBuffalo Broadcasting is a Siskiyou County Standout

Every day, both new and long-time listeners tune in to Buffalo Broadcasting, KSYC-FM in Siskiyou County. Adventurers on road trips stay informed of traffic updates along the five-hour stretch of I-5 in KSYC territory. Families in Yreka listen for extreme weather updates as a flood approaches from the Klamath River. Far north in Seattle, a woman raised in Siskiyou County wakes up to the station streaming live on her smartphone.

Heading into their fifth year at KSYC are Mark and Cindy Baird, owners and Siskiyou locals. When they heard the station was going to be sold to National Public Radio in 2011, they purchased KSYC themselves to keep it local. Working with the station’s previous owners, they succeeded in taking over the station that Mark Baird calls "the glue of Siskiyou County."

When Mark Baird isn't behind the mic or running station operations, you can find him on his ranch deep in the heart of the State of Jefferson, or captaining jet planes in his "day job" as a commercial cargo pilot. Despite his high-flying activities and busy schedule, he's a thoughtful man who likes to do things carefully. 

Equipped with a 10,000 song library, four on-air personalities, and broadcasting as the sole LP-1 emergency alert station for the entire county, the Bairds have kept KSYC-FM a community favorite in Siskiyou County. To extend that programming to the wider world across the internet, KSYC-FM relies on Cal-Ore to provide the critical fiber internet connection.

“We went with Cal-Ore fiber because it gives us the bandwidth we need for our 24-hour, continuous data stream,” says Mark. “Plus, we get reliable phone service, which comes in handy when we’re taking 30 calls a minute during our on-air contests.”

But it’s the loyal fans and incredible support the station receives that fuel the Bairds generous, community-first nature. KSYC is proud to donate time on its airwaves to local charities at no charge. And if you lose your dog in KSYC-FM territory, they'll make an announcement for you in between songs. We're honored to work with KSYC-FM – a regional leader putting the community first.