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The Culture Heartbeat of the Klamath Basin Shines Under The Spotlight

Mark McCrary at the Ross Ragland Theater in Klamath Falls

Some call it a multicultural center. Others call it a venue for the arts. Some even regard it as the primary reason they live in Klamath Falls. As the Ross Ragland Theater celebrates its silver anniversary in the 2013-2014 performance season, it basks in the glow of its reputation as a local "cultural oasis in the high desert." 

Built in 1940, the original Esquire Theater hosted a variety of acts before it was boarded up in 1982. That's when a broad coalition of people across the region dedicated themselves to a massive effort to save the theater and renovate it. With support from hundreds of businesses and inpiduals, the theater was eventually renovated to its original glory, and renamed for local community hero Ross Ragland, who led much of the effort.

Today, the Ross Ragland Theater hosts a range of international and family-friendly artists, from the Orchestra Kremlin to children's theater to big-name country, pop and classical music. And when it comes to ticket sales, Executive Director Mark McCrary counts on Cal-Ore as a key member of the cast. “Our ability to sell tickets is 100 percent dependent on our broadband connection. The network goes down, we can’t sell tickets." 

Mark says the reliability and speed of Cal-Ore broadband are important, but it's the fast, responsive service he counts on if there is an issue. 

“Cal-Ore is an excellent, responsible corporate partner with us," says Mark. "They support our programs. They come to our events. If I call Cal-Ore, somebody will be here in the same day to help us. That kind of service is rare."

Mark's passion for the arts in Klamath Falls and his desire to create an unforgettable experience for his guests at the theater is contagious. We're proud to be part of the supporting cast of community partners with the Ross Ragland Theater.