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Advancing Klamath County's Livability and Economic Vitality with the Chamber of Commerce

Klamath County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Chip MassieWhether you’re doing business in Klamath County, searching for ideas on how to be more involved in the community, or planning a kayaking trip down the Klamath River, you may want to drop Chip Massie a line at the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce

This former bed and breakfast owner, restaurateur, and board member is now an essential community leader. Chip is in his sixth year as executive director of the Chamber – the oldest active business advocacy organization in Klamath County incorporated in 1905.

“What’s the best part about doing business here? The folks you’re doing business with are the same people you run into at the grocery store, bank line, or join for an impromptu cup of coffee at the local cafe," says Chip. "In Klamath, it’s all about building relationships and trust, and that’s the way we try to run our organization.”

At Cal-Ore, we believe in the power of community-first partnerships that are separate from providing our services. That’s why when the Klamath and Lake Counties Broadband Access Strategic Plan was introduced, the leadership team at Cal-Ore jumped on board right away along with other community stakeholders to bring reliable broadband to the Basin.

The need for broadband as a competitive advantage grows and this strategic planning effort is a first step toward guiding development of ubiquitous access for all corners of the county.

“It’s about retaining what we have and allowing it to grow. The Chamber is an advocate and cheerleader for business development, community development, and keeping Klamath County on a path for sustained growth and economic vitality,” continues Chip.

Cal-Ore couldn’t agree more. The Chamber of Commerce motivates us, educates us, and helps Klamath County grow, prosper and succeed.