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Emmett's Auto has served Klamath Falls for more than 65 years

Kurt Harlan Rests on a Toolcase in Emmett's Auto in Klamath FallsFrom the rancher's diesel pickup in Bly to the Saturn with squeaky brakes down the street, Kurt Harlan never knows what to expect next through the roll-up doors of Emmett's Auto in Klamath Falls. One thing customers can count on, however, is Harlan's honest handshake and humble smile. His team at Emmett's knows that "business in the Basin" is all about trust and dealing with real people.

The service bays at Emmett’s Auto opened in 1946 as a front-end frame straightening shop. In 1973, Kurt Harlan's father bought the business from the founder's family, and the Harlans took the wheel in building the shop’s reputation for consistency and integrity. Forty years later, Emmett's is a community fixture in the Klamath Basin, repairing every make and model there is with a reputation for good work and honest service.

Emmett's Auto's commitment to the local community is part of what led Harlan to "choose local" when he switched the company's broadband service to Cal-Ore Communications last year.

"We believe in the power of buying local, and that means supporting local business,” says Harlan. "That was good enough for me, but as it turned out, Cal-Ore doubled our broadband performance at half the price we were paying before."

With business thriving at this point, Harlan says Emmett's Auto is busy enough that he'd expand if he could find enough space and qualified people. That's a real success story to us at Cal-Ore, and we're proud to be part of it.