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Eric_silfies_-_siskiyou_countySiskiyou County Stays Connected with Local Fiber Internet

Siskiyou County employs more than 650 people across 30 different sites, and the requirement for connectivity is a complex puzzle.

That’s where Eric Silfies steps in. He works in the Siskiyou County Information Technology department, keeping all those people virtually connected (including remote workers). It’s not an easy job, but somebody’s got to do it.

As a network engineer, Silfies plans and configures the communication network among Siskiyou County offices to make sure each site has the bandwidth it needs 365 days a year. Connectivity is critical to the county’s agencies, which handle everything from supporting desktop computers to managing critical network infrastructure.

But before 2009, the county wasn’t connected to fiber internet. Silfies knew that fiber could provide bandwidth and speeds that would improve local government productivity. So he worked with Cal-Ore engineer Charlie Boening to develop an ethernet plan for Yreka, preparing the facts and figures Silfies would take to the approval board.

“Cal-Ore sort of became the white hat riding into town when they bridged fiber into Siskiyou County,” says Silfies. “Fiber’s just fast – not to mention really reliable — and we saved all kinds of time getting things done.”

On top of saving time, having all the offices connected via fiber enabled Silfies to plan future network usage across the area.

“What I really appreciate — as a network engineer — is the personal response from Charlie at Cal-Ore,” says Silfies. “He’s very forthright about our service, and committed to making it work for us.”

“Whether it’s been dial-tone, fax or now fiber internet, we’ve been getting some sort of service from Cal-Ore in Yreka for over ten years. At the end of the day, I know the names, voices and faces of the people at Cal-Ore who provide our service, and that means a lot.”