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by: Cal-Ore Communications Marketing

Fiber-optic-klamath-fallsCal-Ore Communications is significantly extending its Klamath Falls fiber optic infrastructure. The project will lay fiber optic cable on South 6th Street from Spring Street to the A-Canal, and along Washburn Way from Crater Lake Parkway to Laverne Street. Construction begins in November 2012 and is expected to be completed by the end of the year. This brings Cal-Ore's investment in the Klamath Falls market to over $2.5 million.

During a down economy, Cal-Ore Communications continues to support the community by making available high-speed, reliable and secure internet services to hundreds of Klamath Falls businesses. Cal-Ore Communications fiber optic service provides nearly unlimited speed and bandwidth (with performance up to 10x faster than DSL) along its fiber network. Cal-Ore's high-speed fiber internet allows businesses to utilize a wide variety of emerging cloud services. From cloud-voice telephone services to secure online data back-up and recovery, fiber optic speeds enable Klamath Falls businesses to become more productive and efficient.

Cal-Ore currently provides robust, broadband fiber optic service with routes to downtown Klamath Falls businesses, the Southview and Ridgewater housing developments, and the Sky Lakes Hospital-OIT Campus area.

For more information, call the Cal-Ore Communications Klamath Falls office at 541.887.8100 or view the Cal-Ore Communications Fiber web page.


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