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Klamath Lake Upgade to Cal-Ore Fiber Internet
Cal-Ore Fiber Internet

Cal-Ore Fiber delivers business class internet for Klamath Falls and Yreka:

Speed — Fiber optic networks operate at the highest speeds. Up into gigabits per second.

Bandwidth — Up to thousands of times more signal channels than copper wire or cable.

Distance — Vastly greater distances between endpoints without signal degradation or the need to use repeaters or amplifiers.

Security — Very difficult to “tap” information without detection.

Dependability — Virtually immune from electromagnetic noise and interference from radios, motors, lightening or other nearby cables.

Add local phone service and a long distance plan to give you the flexiblity to call anyone at anytime.

* Available in select areas of Klamath Falls and Yreka.

The Business Choice

Learn how Cal-Ore helped Siskiyou County's complex network of offices stay productive through increased speed, bandwidth and reliability:

Faster Internet For A Faster Community in Siskiyou County

Eric Silfies of Siskiyou County