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Cal-Ore Telephone provides virtual hosting for email and web domains. All email hosted domains can have email anti-virus scanning and spam filtering services. Contact us for more details.

Full Service Hosting Accounts Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Disk Storage (MB total) 200 300 400 2000
Data Transfer (MB per month) 1000 1500 2000 5000
POP3 Email Accounts* 30 40 50 100
Detailed Web Reports YES YES YES YES
Email SPAM Filtering YES YES YES YES
Email Virus Scanning YES YES YES YES

Contact us for more information.

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More Info

A domain is a friendly way to be identified on the Internet. Here are a couple examples of a domain name.

Domains are registered through what is called a registrar. Please call us at 800-858-2399 and we can help you get your domain registered.

When registering a domain name, you will be asked for a primary and secondary DNS (Domain Name Server). Cal-Ore Telephone can provide you with primary and secondary DNS services.

Our Primary DNS Server is: by its name.
Our Secondary DNS Server is: or by its name.

This information will be important if you wish us to host your domain name. This is a separate service from email and web hosting. Should you decide to have another service host your DNS, we can still offer email and web hosting services to you.