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Fiber Voice Services

Fiber Optic Voice by Cal-Ore Communications is the future of telephony. Fiber Voice provides organizations with mobile, cost-effective and scalable solutions to meet growing business demands. Fiber Voice transforms telephone service by removing the burden of hosting PBX hardware onsite. By migrating services, voice becomes a data-centric application which is easier to manage and more flexible in adapting to evolving organizational needs.

Fiber Voice Benefits

  • Cloud-voice-1Increased productivity with business-class broadband internet access.
  • Reduce operating and capital expenses associated with hosting and maintaining aging, onsite switching hardware.
  • Add features/services over time without having to buy new hardware, update software or buy additional licenses.
  • Improve employee productivity with Unified Messaging. No longer miss opportunities because messages are in different voicemail boxes. Unified messaging allows an employee to share a single voicemail box across multiple numbers, such as an office and cell phone.
  • Streamline IT operations by eliminating the need for telephone “experts”.
  • Be more responsive to customer requests with a modern voice system that customizes call flow management more effectively.
  • Seamlessly extend voice services to branch offices, new sites and remote workers economically.

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