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Backup irreplaceable data from your desktops, laptops and servers – with Cal-Ore BackSpace. With state of the art software and robust infrastructure, we provide you an enterprise class online backup service that ensures that you can quickly get up and running after any kind of data disaster!


  • Intuitive & user friendly interface!
  • Backup your workstations, servers, & virtual machines
  • Backup all kinds of data: Documents, emails, Exchange, SQL, etc
  • Military strength (up to 448 bit) encryption of your data before it leaves your machine!
  • Powerful Compression
  • Intelligent backup of changed data only – after the first backup
  • Currently Supports Windows & Linux, Mac OS X coming soon
  • Multiple scheduling options including continuous data protection & multiple full backup scheduling
  • Point in time restores allow you to simply point on a version and click to restore

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Data Storage Prices are as follows.

10GB to 99GB
Online Storage
100GB to 499GB
Online Storage
500GB to 999GB
Online Storage
1TB and more Online Storage
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